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About us

Our story

The Andalusian Institute for Earth System Research (IISTA) was created through the transformation of the Andalusian Center for the Environment (CEAMA) with the general objective of promoting scientific and technological knowledge, development, and innovation in the field of the Earth System: Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Earth’s Crust and its ecosystems, taking into account their implications for socioeconomic and environmental developments, and facilitating their transfer to Public Administrations, Organizations, and Public and Private Companies.

The Institute was born with the vocation of contributing to the Knowledge Society and integrating into the Andalusian Knowledge System, promoting its interaction with different actors, conducting quality research, promoting its transfer to the productive sector, and committing to the modernization of human resources and tools of the Andalusian Administration.

Currently, IISTA hosts a consolidated set of research groups of excellence with several years of joint experience in Research and R&D+i projects, the existence of a good structure of laboratories, and field teams.

Acceso a información pública relevante

El reglamento que rige el funcionamiento del IISTA fue aprobado por el Consejo de Gobierno de la UGR y por el de la UCO en 2013. Asimismo, actualmente hay vigente un plan estratégico (2015-2018) a partir del cual se van generando planes de acción anuales.